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animangamirror's Journal

The New Anime/Manga Mirror Community!
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All Members , Moderated

Layout code credit: refuted // PNG: http://www.blinding-light.com/
Mod/Creator: kisame_kun
Co-mods: breyzyyin & khadaj

1. You must vote on three unstamped applications and give a reason behind your votes before
posting your application.
2. Try to include at least three pictures of yourself in your application. You must post pics of
yourself! Descriptions are not allowed.
3. The required subject line is "mirror mirror on the wall".
4. Do you disagree with your stamp? Don't make a big deal out of it. Just make a restamp.
5. I'll delete your application without a warning if you break any of these rules.
6. Oh and tag your application as "unstamped".


1. All characters are available including characters from non-Japanese series. For more info,
please refer to this post.
2. Please bold the character's name.
3. You can vote up to two characters.
4. Be honest when voting. Don't vote someone as a certain character because
he/she is your lover/bff/brother.
5. Don't vote someone for their hair colour. Try to notice their facial features and expressions too.

1. You may apply for the current theme once you've been stamped in the regular application.
2. A "restamp week" occurs at the end of each month. Please wait for a mod to make a post, before
posting your application.

The application and the rules for the current theme can be found here.

Stamped members for the regular application and theme #1 - 9 can be found here.

Stamped members for theme #10: here Stamped members for theme #11: here
Stamped members for theme #12: here Stamped members for theme #13: here
Stamped members for theme #14: here Stamped members for theme #15: here
Stamped members for theme #16: here

~If you have a theme suggestion, please leave a comment here with your idea[s].

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NOTE 10.26.2010: Deleted about 20 stamping communities, whom have been inactive for a very long
time, from our affiliates list. We're trying to keep the list organized, by only listing active stamping communities.
Want to affiliate? Comment on this post! :]